We are passionate creatives, engineers and supply chain specialists committed to bringing ideas and products to life.


We are passionate creatives, engineers and supply chain specialists committed to bringing ideas and products to life.

Who We Are

Since 2014 we have been helping companies around the world develop and produce products.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we function under the favourable and trustworthy trade and business conditions of the country, while being situated with perfect access to the abundant factories and suppliers across Asia. Our China-focused sourcing office, BFHICC, have been operating their sourcing business since 2003 and work with us on our Mainland operations.

Our wholly international team means we have acquired a vast network of suppliers across the world, with on the ground staff in various countries situated to maintain supplier relationships, and also help to meet immediate service requirements such as quality control and delivery management. Not to mention our ability to offer a global manufacturing skillset for production.

This global team spirit results in producing high caliber products and a dependable service to effectively meet our customer expectations, and so that ultimately our customers don’t have to lift a finger to find, produce, and ship products. And as a family-owned group of businesses, you can always ensure you’re working with trustworthy and authentic partners.

Our sister companies: Beijing Flying Horse (BFHICC), Candlejarsuppliers.com (Coming soon)

How We Work

You’ll work with a bilingual, multi-disciplinary team with over 30 years of combined experience of working with the world’s leading brands in trade, manufacturing and customs. A team of curious travelers; we constantly travel to discover and learn from the world, while keeping a foot on the ground wherever we go to ensure customer and supplier relationships are maintained, and to meet any immediate service requirements such as quality control and delivery management.


Who We Work With

Mering Global collaborates with purpose-driven teams and companies of all kinds and all sizes. We typically work with: studios, designers, buyers, creative agencies, production coordinators, quality control coordinators, logistics, product developers, business developers in non-product companies, and operations teams, seamlessly integrating ourselves into your existing processes and closely working with you to enrich your product development in a way you’ll forget we’re outsourced.

Why We’re Different
Enabling organizations to grow.

We provide a flexible but fully-managed service, meaning brands can stay agile and focused on their core business and customer service, keeping overheads and costs low and retargeting those cost savings towards business growth activities like sales and marketing.


Bridge the gap from vision to end product.

We seamlessly help turn those napkin ideas into physical products, helping businesses to quickly expand product portfolios with our decades of combined experience in manufacturing and trade.


Bespoke and to your needs.

Lean and bespoke means we help give you the exact service you need; how you need it and when – use us only when needed. Manage projects just as you would in-house with our project management capabilities. 


Working as a partnership.

A customised and nimble service, we work in partnership with you throughout the process to deliver innovation on your terms and meet your goals.


Armed with a wealth of experience.

A global team with extensive knowledge, innovative minds and necessary language skills not only means your products are being looked after every step of the way, but also assures foundation and experience for businesses seeped in heritage and millennial-focused brands with a necessary indifference to tradition.


Selected Experience

Over the last 4 years, we have worked on products for some of the world’s most recognised brands – helping them to develop and manufacture products around the world.


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