Adhering to high standards of social and environmental responsibility is an important part of our company culture.

It’s no secret that manufacturing is littered with problems. Sustainability problems. Diversity problems. Ethical problems. Environmental problems. The list goes on.  

I had grown up around manufacturing, so much so that I chose to start this company. But over time I was becoming more and more disenchanted by what I was seeing, and sometimes even by the work we were doing. It was beginning to tear into me. My beliefs and values ran deep, but I felt we just weren’t doing enough. 

A profound conversation with a friend helped me realize that at the end of the day, manufacturing and product development will always exist. That, being a part of the industry meant we have the power to do something about it – to do more, do better and help create fundamental change in our industry. We were (and I) at a fork in the road, and it was time to take a different path.

We believe that climate change is real. We believe that racial, queer, and gender equity is necessary. We believe that high-quality materials and purposeful products come first and that fair labor and pay are non-negotiable. We believe that not enough is being done.

We want to use our position as a weapon to do good and see every product and project as an opportunity for change. 

So, wearing our values on our sleeve, we choose to set a new path forward. We’ve got a way to go, but we hope that you’ll join us on this journey to do better.


— Jennytha Raj, Founder & CEO of Mering Global



Here are a few of our policies and guidelines we stand by:

  • We expect our suppliers to demonstrate environmental, ethical and health and safety accountability for their products, supply chain and employees
  • We lobby manufacturers to continuously improve and maintain their social and environmental responsibility and provide greater transparency
  • We proactively propose sustainable alternatives to products and packaging to our clients and can offer social enterprise focused manufacturing solutions
  • We facilitate testing and certifications to ensure products are compliant with international quality and environmental standards
  • We continue to scrutinise our own products and services to minimise our carbon footprint and environmental impact, acting as a steward for our environment
  • We design, rethink, and validate products with the end in mind, including challenging feature necessities, usage, materials, life cycle and processes to find optimum balance
  • We work on products that are not just beautiful, but are also useful and durable and from brands, companies and designers who are progressive, purpose-led and make a positive impact on the world
  • We promote the diverse voices in our workplace and that of others
  • We choose not to support greenwashing campaigns or companies that are actively contributing to the destruction of our Earth and humanity
  • We participate in the circular economy where possible, by using materials that are compostable, reusable, recyclable or refillable
  • We prioritize climate justice, including equity and accessibility considerations, from beginning to end
  • We stay true to our established values and moral compass, but also constantly seek new knowledge and be willing to embrace new ways of thinking, doing, and living along the way

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