Answering ‘yes’ to any of these scenarios means you need sourcing and manufacturing help

It’s important to us to meet the manufacturing needs of our clients.

We’ll ask you about your past manufacturing experience: What went wrong? What’s happening at present that needs fixing? What are the key issues you’ve faced so far?

Not only does it help to understand your core needs, but it also helps us learn about what’s important to you.

We’ve collated all the responses we’ve received in the past and compiled a list of the most common scenarios and challenges faced when working direct with factories and traders.

Will you nod your head in agreement to any of these?


  • Regulatory pressure
  • High overhead costs from frequent travel to and from factories. Trip one to discover factories, trip two to check and discuss specs and samples, trip three to check production and a final trip for quality control
  • High overhead costs from posting employees overseas to monitor production
  • Inability to identify trustworthy suppliers on Alibaba or other sourcing sites
  • Bad experience from Alibaba or another sourcing site
  • Making design compromises due to lack of skill at partner factories
  • ‘All eggs in one basket’: working with a limited number of factories, with no plan B when something has gone wrong
  • No time to validate global factories and establish a global manufacturing presence
  • Factories have abruptly shut down and no back up option available
  • Difficulty establishing business relationships with factories due to cultural differences or geographic distance
  • Having too many factory contacts and projects to deal with and not enough time to effectively manage all
  • Inability to coordinate and consolidate shipments
  • Not enough funds to hire logistics, buyers, quality control or designers in house
  • Invoiced at higher prices than market
  • Price negotiation challenges
  • 100% upfront payment requirements
  • Quality and stability issues
  • No project management from factory-side
  • Issues post sale, but no established warranty and post sale service capability from factory
  • Paying retainers for other sourcing agents when only infrequent manufacturing and sourcing assistance is needed
  • No one on the ground to monitor production, handle issues or map local trends and capabilities
  • No in-house personnel to keep up with the changing consumer and market requirements for new products and projects
  • Bored with commonly available products and want to create something new


Sounding familiar to you? The good news is that you’re in the right place. Let’s see how we can fix this.


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