Source, manufacture,
check, deliver.

From sourcing through to delivery, Mering Global
makes product development easy with on-demand,
bespoke manufacturing services.

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We manufacture beautiful, custom products for purpose-driven brands.

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We are an integrated sourcing and manufacturing studio working to help businesses stand out in the market by bringing their product ideas to life.

From product sourcing to bespoke manufacturing, we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices for your brand.


Core services to continuously create & launch

Supplier Validation
Product Development
Price Negotiation & Quotation
Quality Control

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Helping you to

Stand out with quality products

Get products sourced from or made by our network of trusted factories and reap the quality and skill-based advantages that come with sustainable global manufacturing.

Gain creative freedom

Stand out from competitors in your market by creating your own unique products or utilize our global network to discover a wider variety of product lines.

Focus on growing your business

Manufacture with lower overhead costs even with on-the-ground support, and give yourself both a peace of mind and more time in your day by letting us take care of your production.


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